Check out some of the many reasons why we love to buy local, and don’t forget to download Foodland’s Seasonal Guide to Ontario Produce found below.

10 Reasons for Going Local and Supporting Ontario Food & VQA Wine


10) Support your local economy: Money is contributed back into our local economy with every bottle of Ontario wine and cob of Ontario corn that is purchased. 


9) Give back to your community: Know that when you purchase local food and wine you are supporting farmers, winemakers, producers and growers. 


8) Reduce your carbon footprint: Cut down on pollution created from transporting and shipping imported products.


7) Make a personal connection with what you eat: There is a story behind every glass of wine, cut of meat, loaf of bread, and basket of produce. Share an Ontario meal with family and friends and make a connection with the land that you live on!


6) Enjoy our diverse seasons to their fullest: By eating locally, and therefore seasonally, you are not only making a connection with the environment around you, but are enjoying foods when they are in their prime (in both price and taste). With our long winters, we are able to can, preserve and freeze our freshly picked produce and enjoy it all year round!


5) Protect green space: When you buy local you are keeping pastures, fields and vineyards green by proving their economic worth. Supporting local agriculture endeavors means encouraging responsible land development.


4) It’s fresher! Local food travels less: is handled less and isn’t picked early in order to stand up to harsh shipping conditions. It is picked fresher and arrives at your Farmer’s Market or grocery store in a shorter amount of time. 


3) Access to variety: Small producers have the ability to try small crops of select fruits and vegetables that do not have high-yield demand. By using heirloom seeds and rare varietals, farmers can experiment with different types of produce and we get to reap the rewards! 


2) It just tastes better! Sun-kissed strawberries, sweet asparagus, crisp apples, and so much more. Any Ontarian’s, or anybody, who has taken a bite of an Ontario home-grown tomato or cob of sweet corn can appreciate that good things truly do grow in Ontario. Furthermore, Ontario VQA wines have vastly improved over the last decade and now can boast internationally recognized chardonnay’s, icewine’s and other delicious cool climate varietals. 


1) Make a difference. One person can make a difference and by choosing to buy local you are changing not only your own kitchen, but also the lives of those who bring Ontario food and wine from field to table. Cheers! You deserve it! 

Click here to download a seasonal guide to Ontario’s produce. Put it on your fridge, stick it in your shopping bag, pin it to your shirt. Where ever you go remember that buying local means making a difference to Ontarians everywhere!